Star Wars Battlefront Customization Videos Showcases All emotes, Appearances

While we already collected and presented all the Star Wars Battlefront weapons, Star Cards, Traits and Power Ups, that’s not the only stuff players can unlock in the upcoming Star Wars-based shooter.

Housed in the gallery below are all the players will be able to unlock in the game. You can trigger these emotes by pressing up, left or right on the DualShock 4’s d-pad at anytime. If you’d rather watch the emotes in action, we’ve embedded a video from the Xbox One Early Access build that shows each emote.

Star Wars Battlefront emotes:

Aside from emotes, there’s more to the Star Wars Battlefront customization! Players can also change their in-game character’s appearance as well. Same as other stuff in the game, these can be unlocked in the game by leveling up, and earning in-game cash. There’s more than a hundred appearance customization pieces to choose from, with my favorite being the Shadowtropper with its badass black armor.

Star Wars Battlefront Appearance Customization:

Don’t forget to check out our early impressions piece, with our scored review going up early next week.

What’s your preferred emote and character appearance so far? Are you OK with Stormtroopers appearing without helmets?