Star Wars Battlefront Live Stream, Watch Us Obliterate Some More Rebel Scum (Offline)

While Star Wars fans anxiously wait until next week in order to live out our Star Wars fantasies, we already have Star Wars Battlefront for the PlayStation 4! Naturally, it’s for review purposes, but we definitely can’t resist the temptation of The Dark Side to live-stream it well ahead of launch. This time, we will at some point attempt some split screen action!

Our actual review will be up early next week, you can check out how Battlefront looks like on the PS4 in the video embedded above. Bear in mind that there is some — or a lot — of YouTube compression going on, so the game should look even better once you’re watching it on your own console.

In the meantime, you can check out the complete list of weapons, Star Cards, Traits and Power Ups in Star Wars Battlefront in the gallery below.

Stay tuned to our Star Wars Battlefront review next week! In the meantime, check out our early impressions piece from the final build here.