Push Me Pull You Is an Incredibly Weird Local Multiplayer Sports Game Coming to PS4 in 2016

The debut title from Australian studio House House, Push Me Pull You is a “lovely and horrible two-on-two sports game” coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016.

All about co-operation, because you’re joined to your partner, the goal is to “work together to keep control of the ball, pulling it along or wrapping it up tight with their long stretchy torso.”

Director Michael McMaster adds:

A game of Push Me Pull You consists of a big frantic mess of growing, shrinking, and stretching bodies, driven by our fluid, physics-based movement system. Since you can’t just pick up the ball with the press of a button, you’ll need to use your shared body to scoop it up and carry it, or wrap around it to protect it, or push it away so that your opponent can’t reach it, and so on. These freeform tactics evolve through consecutive games as players invent their own strategies and counter-strategies, resulting in an expressive system of play and a deceptively high skill ceiling.

It’s also gross:

Experience the grotesque and hilarious physicality of a two-headed tube of muscle and skin, as you collide and coil around your fleshy opponent.

Push Me Pull You includes character creation, alternative gameplay modes (such as the sumo-like Knockout) in addition to the competitive core game, and a wide open space to explore between matches. A same-screen multiplayer game for two to four players, it also supports the ability to use one controller with two players.

In development for two years, Push Me Pull You will be playable at PlayStation Experience next month.

[Source: PS Blog]