PS4’s Push Me Pull You Looks Odd… Oddly Awesome, That Is [TGS Hands-On]


PS4’s Push Me Pull You looks like a wrestling match between two, I don’t know, long, gross things, but there’s a wicked-fun game under all that. I played twice, and hope for another chance some time soon. Both sides are trying to keep a ball on their side of a circle for a certain amount of time to earn a point. They’ll use one button to lengthen, another to shrink, and each stick controls one half of the giant, um, we’ll call it a two-headed snake.

At first I thought, couldn’t you just make yourself huge and wrap yourself around the ball? I thought that would break the game. You can do that, but then the other team can simply wrap around YOU and pull both you and the ball over their own line. Additionally, the strength of a short snake is a little superior to that of a long one.

Both snakes have equal strength and weight, but the tactical advantage lies in who best uses angles and the power of the heads to keep the ball on their end. A head will always win when pushing against a middle body part, keeping things under control. Developer House House did a good job with control and balance here.


In my first match, I played one-on-one against another random TGS attendee; we each controlled both of our team’s heads — left stick for one head, right stick for the other. In my second match, I teamed up with someone, with me controlling one stick and my teammate using the other half of the same DualShock 4 controller. Both matches were quite entertaining. I can see this game being very cool to have at parties.

Push Me Pull You probably looks kinda weird to some people, but within those goofy graphics lies a unique and fun multiplayer game. There doesn’t seem to be an official release date at this time. When that changes, we’ll let you know.

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