Metal Gear Online December Update Will Include New “Create Match” Options

Metal Gear Online version 1.02, which is set to go live in December, will include additional “Create Match” options alongside the previously announced host migration. In volume 2 of its Designer Notes, the developer noted that it had received a lot of requests to add options such as “ability to set Walker Gear availability”, “ability to set variable Weather conditions” and the “option to add a Host Match Description.” These features will now be available in the next update. Konami further wrote:

The Host Match Descriptions can be chosen from approximately 30 pre-set options. For subsequent updates we’ll consider adding new pre-set descriptions based on player feedback.

Since launch, despite forming a party, players have had a difficult time ensuring that they are able to play on the same team as their friends at the start of the first match. This is because the match often begins before enough opposing players join during the pre-match period, and the system to balance the teams, pulls players away from the party to the opposing side.

For Ver. 1.02, we’ll be adding the ability to set the max amount of players required to begin a match. As a result, a match won’t begin until the requisite player count has been reached, thus ensuring that pre-formed parties remain intact when the match begins.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information on version 1.02. 

[Source: Konami]