Fallout 4 Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Trophy Guide for Fallout 4! There are 51 Trophies to be earned and only a couple missable, but those are tied to story decisions and we’ll get into that in a minute. For Fallout vets, the list will look similar to past Fallout games. For players new to the series, the list is pretty straight forward. There is nothing difficult here, but the Platinum will require a good amount of your time. 

One thing to remember when Trophy hunting in Fallout 4, keep saving your game. If you hack a computer, pick a lock, discover a location or kill enemies, save your game. There are no checkpoints, if you die, you’re restarted from your most recent save file. So, dying after racking up numbers toward Trophies could result in having to start over and redo what you’ve already done. 

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers within this guide. If you’re trying to avoid spoilers, it is recommended that you complete the game before reading any further. 

*Missable Trophies*

The bad news, there are some Trophies that can be missed. The good news, this can be avoided by making multiple save files. There are four factions you can join and there are trophies tied to each one. You’ll need to join all four factions, and complete their missions in order to earn all the Trophies. However, progressing too far in some will make you an enemy of the others. 

This is where the multiple save files come into play. What you need to do is, create a separate save file before progressing passed the point of no return during faction quests. After you’ve made the saves, finish the game and then reload your other save files to do the opposite of what you did the first time. This way, you’ll earn all story related Trophies without having to restart and play the entire game over. In total, you’re going to need two separate save files in order to earn all of the Trophies for all four factions.

The game will tell you when your actions are about to make you an enemy, so, when you see this message, that is your cue to create a separate save file. The quest “Mass Fusion” will make you an enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel, make a save before doing the quest. The quest “End of the Line” will make you an enemy of the Railroad, so go ahead and make another save here. Once you’ve finished the game, reload a save and finish the missions for either the Brotherhood or the Railroad. After that, reload your second save and complete missions for whichever faction you have left. 

Also, while you’re doing missions for the Institute, you cannot assist other factions, if you do, you’ll be banned from the Institute which will prevent you from earning their quest related Trophies. Again, the game will alert you before this happens. 

 Platinum Trophy – Platinum

– Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy.

Follow this guide!

War Never Changes – Bronze

– Enter the Wasteland

This Trophy is story related. It is part of the main story quest line.

When Freedom Calls – Bronze

– Complete “When Freedom Calls”

This Trophy is story related. It is part of the main story quest line.

Unlikely Valentine – Bronze

– Complete “Complete Unlikely”

This Trophy is story related. It is part of the main story quest line.

Reunions – Bronze

– Complete “Reunions”

This Trophy is story related. It is part of the main story quest line.

Dangerous Minds – Bronze

– Complete “Dangerous Minds”

This Trophy is story related. It is part of the main story quest line.

Hunter/Hunted – Bronze

– Complete “Hunter/Hunted”

This Trophy is story related. It is part of the main story quest line.

The Molecular Level – Bronze

– Complete “The Molecular Level”

This Trophy is story related. It is part of the main story quest line.

The Nuclear Option – Silver

– Complete “The Nuclear Option”

This Trophy is tied to one of the endings. In order to earn this, you must complete the final mission with the Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel or Railroad. Any of them will work. 

Institutionalized – Bronze

– Complete “Institutionalized”

This Trophy is story related. It is part of the main story quest line.

Mankind-Redefined – Bronze

– Complete “Mankind-Redefined”

This Trophy is story related with the Institute. You must agree to help the Institute in order to receive this quest.

Powering Up – Bronze

– Complete “Powering Up”

This Trophy is story related with the Institute. You must agree to help the Institute in order to receive this quest.

 Nuclear Family – Silver

– Complete “Nuclear Family”

 This is the other ending related Trophy. It is earned by completing all of the missions given by the Institute. 

The First Step – Bronze

– Join The Minutemen 

You’ll be given the option to join the Minutemen very early in the game during “When Freedom Calls”. Clear the museum of enemies and speak with Preston Garvey. Agree to help him and after defeating the wave of enemies, meet up with him at Sanctuary. Here, he will give you the option of joining.

Taking Independence – Bronze

– Complete “Taking Independence”

This Trophy is story related with the Minutemen. You must join the Minutemen in order to receive this quest.

Old Guns – Silver

– Complete “Old Guns”

This Trophy is story related with the Minutemen. You must join the Minutemen in order to receive this quest.

Semper Invicta – Bronze

– Join The Brotherhood of Steel

In order to join the Brotherhood, you’ll need to travel to Cambridge Police Station. Here, you’ll find Paladin Danse. Speak with him and agree to join the Brotherhood. You won’t get the Trophy just yet, but you’ll go out on a quest with Danse. After the quest, speak with Danse and he’ll give you the quest “Semper Invicta”. Complete this, and you’ll become a member of the Brotherhood. 

Blind Betrayal – Bronze

– Complete “Blind Betrayal”

This Trophy is story related with the Brotherhood of Steel. You must join the Brotherhood of Steel in order to receive this quest.

Ad Victoriam – Silver

– Complete “Ad Victoriam”

 This Trophy is story related with the Brotherhood of Steel. You must join the Brotherhood of Steel in order to receive this quest.

Tradecraft – Bronze

– Join The Railroad

 In order to join the Railroad, you’ll first need to find them. They can be found by following the Freedom Trail (red tiles on the ground) during the quest “Road to Freedom”. This quest can be picked up from Amari during the “Molecular Level” quest. The Freedom Trail begins near a fountain by Park Street Station. Follow the line to Old North Church. Inside the church, go to the basement and you’ll find a series of tunnels. Follow them until reaching a mechanism on the wall. 

The mechanism turns both, clockwise and counter clockwise. All you need to do is spell out “Railroad” by lining up each letter at the top and pressing X in the center of the mechanism after each letter. Once inside, you’ll meet the Railroad and you’ll be given the “Tradecraft” quest which once completed, will allow you to join the group. 

Underground Undercover – Bronze

– Complete “Underground Undercover”

This Trophy is story related with the Railroad. You must join the Railroad in order to receive this quest.

Rocket’s Red Glare – Silver

– Complete “Rocket’s Red Glare”

This Trophy is story related with the Railroad. You must join the Railroad in order to receive this quest.

Sanctuary – Bronze

– Complete “Sanctuary”

This Trophy can only be earned by joining the Minutemen. After joining, speak with Sturges at Sanctuary and he will have you build a few things at the settlement. This basically serves as the settlement building tutorial. 

You’ll need to speak with Sturges after building each item, but here’s what you need to build:

  • Beds
  • Clean Water
  • Food
  • Defensive Structures

Community Organizer – Bronze

– Ally with 3 settlements

As you play through and join factions, you’ll be creating new settlements. This Trophy will come naturally as you play. You’ll know when you’ve allied with a settlement when a happiness rating and population number appear next to the name on the map. 

Benevolent Leader – Bronze

– Reach maximum happiness in a large settlement

This will most likely be on of the last Trophies you earn as it takes quite a bit of time and caps to earn. To grab this Trophy, you’re going to need a few things:

  • Cap Collector Rank 2
  • Local Leader Rank 2
  • Science! Rank 1
  • Medic Rank 1
  • 10 Charisma
  • Recruitment Beacon – This will attract new settlers to your settlement.
  • Bell
  • At least 20 settlers
  • All settlers assigned to jobs
  • More food than settlers
  • More water than settlers
  • Enough beds for everyone
  • Very high defense, upwards of 100
  • Tier 3 clinics assigned with settlers
  • NO TVS – It’s been found by numerous players that TVs can cause your happiness rating to decrease while you’re away from the settlement. It wouldn’t be Fallout without a few of these odd glitches. 
  • Don’t stay away from your settlement for too long. Make sure to regularly visit the settlement. Otherwise, the happiness rating can decrease. 

Gun-For-Hire – Silver

– Complete 10 side quests

As long as you’re completing missions other than the main story, this will pop naturally over time as you play. 

Mercenary – Silver

– Complete 50 misc. objectives

Miscellaneous objectives can be found at the bottom of open quests on the “Data” screen of the Pip-Boy. Scroll down to “Miscellaneous” and then press X. You’ll be able to then select what miscellaneous objectives you would like to work on. 

Many of these will eventually lead to longer quests, but they are also made up of small quick tasks. You can speak to everyone in cities and towns to acquire more misc. objectives. 

If you’re feeling like farming these, you can pick up wanted misc. quests from the wanted board in Diamond City. It is located just to the left of Moe’s Swatter Shop. Finish the quests, return to the board, pick up more and complete. 

Scavver – Bronze

– Gather 1,000 resources used for crafting

Collect as much junk as you can as you play and break it all down at settlements. Once items are broken down, the components become resources. The Sanctuary has plenty of items you can scrap for resources. Use the Workstation and walk around the entire area scrapping trees, broken down houses, picket fences and all the items located in the abandoned houses. 

What’s Yours Is Mine – Silver

– Pick 50 locks

This Trophy will come over time as you play through the game as long as you’re keeping an eye out for locked boxes and doors. If you’re thorough when scavenging, you’ll have no issue finding 50 locks to pick.

RobCo’s Worst Nightmare – Silver

– Hack 50 terminals

As you make your way across the Commonwealth Wasteland, be sure to keep an eye out for computer terminals. There are more than enough required for the Trophy, so, you don’t need to worry about that. 

To hack a computer terminal, you need to select a word on the computer screen. If it’s not the correct word, it’ll tell you how many letters in the selected word are in the right one. After four incorrect tries, the computer will lock. So, if you guess incorrectly three times, back out of the computer and then retry. Doing so will reset the attempt count, but you will also be given a new set of words. If you’re locked out of a computer, the terminal will remain locked for 10 seconds. 

Armed and Dangerous – Silver

– Create 50 weapon mods

Mods are crafted at weapon workbenches. These workbenches can be found throughout the wasteland or you can build them at settlements. Mods are literally any part that make up a weapon, barrels, magazines, sights and stocks. Mods require junk to craft, so make sure you are collecting junk as you explore the wasteland. 

Wasteland D.I.Y – Silver

– Craft 100 items

This encompasses everything you craft at all workbenches, cooking stations, chemistry, armor and weapon workbenches. These all require junk to create items, so make sure to thoroughly scavenge the wasteland as you play. 

Never Go It Alone – Bronze

– Recruit 5 separate companions

There are actually 13 companions in the game, so, there are more than enough out there to recruit. 

  1. Cait – Combat Zone
  2. Codsworth – Sanctuary
  3. Curie – Vault 81
  4. Danse – Cambridge Police Station
  5. Dogmeat – Red Rocket Gas Station
  6. Deacon – Old North Chruch
  7. Hancock – Goodneighbor
  8. MacCready – Goodneighbor
  9. Valentine – Vault 114
  10. Piper – Diamond City
  11. Preston Garvey – Sanctuary after meeting at the Museum
  12. Strong – Trinity Tower
  13. X6-88 – The Institute

Lovable – Bronze

– Reach maximum relationship level with a companion

Each companion has a list of things they like and dislike. When you do one of these things, a message will pop up telling you that your companion either liked, or disliked what you did. Unfortunately, there is no way to track this, but once you find out what your companion likes, make sure to repeat that action as often as you can. Other than that, you’ll need to keep the same companion for a long time completing quests together. 

Fix-Er-Upper – Bronze

– Build 100 workshop items

Workshop items are items you create for your settlements. As long as you’re regularly crafting items, this Trophy will come over time. You’ll need to collect junk to be used as crafting components for your settlement items. 

Future Retro – Bronze

– Play a Holotape game

The first Holotape game can be played in the kitchen of Vault 111. You can also find Holotape games in the wasteland. If you find one, go to a computer terminal and press Square to load the Holotape. Once the game starts, the Trophy will pop. 

…The Harder They Fall – Bronze

– Kill 5 giant creatures

An important note for this Trophy, you need to get the final killing shot on the enemy for it register toward this. They can be tough to takedown, so if you have a Fat Man mini nuke, that would really help you in killing these. There are more than five, but here are the locations of six that I’ve encountered:

  1. Mirelurk Queen – Taking the Castle with the Minutemen in “Taking Independence”
  2. Ancient Behemoth – East of Gunner Plaza
  3. Ancient Behemoth – South of Greentop Nursery
  4. Behemoth – South of Walden Pond
  5. Mirelurk Queen – Murkwater Construction Site
  6. Swan – Swan’s Pond

 Ranger Corps – Silver

– Discover 100 locations

Another very easy Trophy that will come as you naturally play through the game. There are more than 100 locations, and you’ll more than likely earn this without even trying. If you get to the end of the game and you still haven’t discovered 100, just pick a direction and walk across the Wasteland. You’ll come across plenty of locations this way.

Print’s Not Dead – Bronze

– Read 20 magazines

There are actually over 100 magazines in the wasteland. As long you’re thorough when searching buildings during quests, you’ll have no issue finding these. Pick up the magazine and take it, then, you’ll be given the option to read it.

Prankster’s Return – Bronze

– Placed a grenade or mine while pick-pocketing

Before attempting this Trophy, you’ll need to have unlocked Pickpocket rank 2. Also, create a save before doing this. After unlocking that, crouch, sneak behind someone and press X to initiate the pickpocket. Go to your inventory and select a grenade to place in the pocket. It should explode as you back out of the pickpocketing screen. If you’re caught, reload the save and try again.

Once you have the Trophy, reload the save anyway just to erase any trouble that may be the result of blowing someone up.

Masshole – Bronze

– Kill 300 people

This Trophy will come as you play through the game. Any human that you kill will be counted toward this Trophy. 

You can check your progress in the Pip-Boy by going to “Stats” and then “Combat”.

Animal Control – Bronze

– Kill 300 creatures

Same thing as the “Masshole” Trophy, it’ll come as you play the game. The only difference here, is that every non human killed will count toward this. That includes, Ghouls, Bugs, Super Mutants, Mirelurks and Deathclaws. 

You can check your progress in the Pip-Boy by going to “Stats” and then “Combat”.

Homerun! – Bronze

– Get a homerun

This Trophy can be earned as soon as you enter Diamond City for the first time. Appropriately named, Diamond City is a city built on the field of Fenway Park. As you come down the stairs and onto the field, the bases are located in the walk ways of the city and are in the same location they would be for a baseball game. Start at home plate and run to first, second, third and finally finish back at home and the Trophy will pop!

Touchdown! – Bronze

– Get a touchdown

This Trophy can be earned as soon as you acquire a Fat Man mini nuke launcher. Simply aim it at the ground right where you are standing and blow yourself up. Make sure to make a save before doing so.

They’re Not Dolls… – Bronze

– Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

See the Trophy “…They’re Action Figures” for more details. 

…They’re Action Figures – Silver

– Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

There are only 20 Bobbleheades and luckily, none of them are missable this time around. You’re free to go collect them whenever you like.

  1. Agility – Wreck of the FMS Northern Star
  2. Barter – Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery
  3. Big Guns – Vault 95
  4. Charisma – Parsons State Insane Asylum – This Bobblehead requires a series of quests to be completed in order to to be obtained. Kill the enemies outside of the Asylum and then you need to track down Edward Deegan. He can be found at one of four places, the Dugout Inn at Diamond City, the Colonial Taphouse in Diamond City, Bunker Hills or Third Rail in Goodneighbor. He will then give you the quest, “Special Delivery” will be followed by, “Emogene Takes a Lover” and “The Secret Cabot House”. Complete those three quests and you’ll be given access to the Asylum.
  5. Endurance – Poseidon Energy
  6. Energy Weapons – Fort Hagen after completing “Reunions”. 
  7. Explosive – Saugus Ironworks
  8. Intelligence – Boston Public Library
  9. Lock Picking – Pickman Gallery
  10. Luck – Spectacle Island
  11. Medicine – Vault 81 – This Bobblehead requires a quest before gaining access to the room in which the Bobblehead sits. You’ll need three fusion cores in order to enter the Vault. Speak to Bobby and then to the doctor on the lower level. After that, leave the Vault and wait for 24 hours before coming back. Once you return to the doctor, accept his quest and follow Bobby to the secret room in the Vault. 
  12. Melee – Trinity Tower
  13. Perception – Museum of Freedom
  14. Repair – Coverga Assembly Plant
  15. Science – Vault 75 – You will need an access card that can be found on the Gunner Commander inside. 
  16. Small Guns – Gunner’s Plaza – You will need Recording Room Key that can be found on Ryder. 
  17. Sneak – Dunwich Borers
  18. Speech – Vault 114 – “Unlikely Valentine” story quest is needed. 
  19. Strength – Mass Fusion Building
  20. Perception – Museum of Freedom

Born Survivor – Bronze

– Reach level 5

See the Trophy, “Legend of the Wastes” for more information.

Commonwealth Citizen – Bronze

– Reach level 10

See the Trophy, “Legend of the Wastes” for more information.

Unstoppable Wanderer – Silver

– Reach level 25

See the Trophy, “Legend of the Wastes” for more information.

Legend of the Wastes – Silver

– Reach level 50

This is a Trophy that will come over time as you play through the game. You’ll gain points from just about every thing you do including; killing enemies, discovering locations, completing missions and crafting components for mods and settlements. 

If you finish the main story and still need experience, there will be plenty of side missions to complete that will help you attain level 50. 

Prepared for the Future – Gold

– Decide the fate of the Commonwealth

This Trophy is story related and is earned by completing either of the two endings. 

Thank you for using our guide! If you have any questions or tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Happy Trophy hunting!