Burnout Studio Criterion Games Helped DICE With Star Wars Battlefront’s Speeder Bikes

Here’s an interesting little revelation for those who have been playing Star Wars Battlefront and haven’t really paid attention to the credits; Burnout Studio Criterion Games helped DICE with the Speeder Bikes in the game. When Eurogamer posted a video with some Speeder Bike footage from the game and Return of the Jedi, Criterion took to Twitter and said:

Which development team could possibly have the expertise to put such speed into the Battlefront speeder bikes..? 😉

Here’s a clue. Their name begins with “C” and ends with “riterion Games”. Thanks, DICE, for letting us help on such an awesome game.

Despite undergoing some troubles, Criterion seems to be back on track with a new IP in production. According to a recent tweet by the British studio, the team is “firing on all cylinders” and “growing.” As for Burnout, Criterion has no plans for its future at the moment.

[Source: Criterion Games (Twitter 1, 2) via Eurogamer]