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Report: Metro Studio 4A Games Postpones Work on New Space IP

Ukrainian developer 4A Games has suspended work on its yet-be-announced space IP, according to a job listing on LinkedIn. 

First spotted by OnlySP, the post by one of the studio’s Lead Technical Game Designers indicates that the project has now been suspended pending a further update. 

Incubating in pre-production at the time, it’s unclear yet whether 4A Games has simply delayed production to focus on the Metro universe, or cancelled the space shooter altogether.


Last we reported on 4A Games the developer had expanded from its Kiev roots, setting up a studio in Malta to work on new entires into the Metro universe. Whether this has had a knock-on effect on the developer’s new space IP remains to be seen, though it isn’t too difficult to imagine that the established franchise has took precedence for now. 

[Source: OnlySP]