Action RPG Fallen Legion Attacks the PS4 in Summer 2016

Saying the video footage above is “from an early development version,” developer YummyYummyTummy announced Fallen Legion for PlayStation 4 today, with release scheduled for summer 2016.

Featuring real-time combat where you take control of up to four different characters, Fallen Legion will have you making quick decisions on how to rule your kingdom. As the description adds, “Will you side with the mercenary Prime Legion, palatine Council of Princes or cabalistic March Congress?”

Director Spencer Yip talked about Fallen Legion:

Fallen Legion begins with Princess Cecille standing on a battlefield, with her weary army behind her, gazing into an approaching beast brigade. The King of Fenumia’s threads of life were cut short and he passed on relics as well as the responsibility of ruling her crumbling country to Cecille. Among the king’s effects is a talking book that has the power to breathe life into weapons. This enigmatic Grimoire knows the truth about Fenumia and her home isn’t the idyllic kingdom the citizens believe it is.

Yip goes on to explain that Fallen Legion blends RPGs and fighting games together, with battles letting you cancel an attack to create a link combo which unleashes an Exemplar’s (weapons turned into soldiers by the Grimoire) secret techniques:

Zulfiqar can smite enemies with his shield and Longinus can drill enemies with her spear. Each character also has a deathblow and whoever lands the last attack on the combo bar delivers their super move. If you want to rend an enemy with Zulfiqar’s Sky Splitter, have him as the last attacker or make Longinus last to pierce all enemies with her spear.

You’ll be able to play Fallen Legion at PlayStation Experience this weekend.

[Source: PS Blog]