Sony Releasing BigFest This Week, Exclusively on PS Vita


Commenting on the changes to BigFest, Sony Computer Entertainment America Associate Project Manager Nick Accordino confirmed that it isn’t coming to PS4 or PS3:

“The game is exclusive to the PS Vita system – it’s the only PlayStation system on which you can play it. Hope you enjoy it!”

“I can confirm that BigFest is an exclusive Vita title.”

As for PlayStation TV support, he said, “The game’s unfortunately not compatible with PlayStation TV. The touch screen controls really lend themselves to the PlayStation Vita, so I hope you get a chance to experience it there!”

Over on the EU PS Blog, Sony’s Claire Bromley revealed that it’s a full premium game with no in-app purchases:

“We worked hard on this and believe the best experience is as a premium game, so here it is.”

“The £8 is for the full exclusive vita game, not an in-app purchase in sight.”

“£8 for full premium game and even a cheeky Platinum Trophy to earn in there too.”

What do you think about the changes?

Original Story:

Announced at gamescom 2013, BigFest from Sony XDev Studio Europe and On The Metal is coming to PlayStation Vita today in North America and tomorrow, December 2 in Europe.

A PS Vita exclusive, BigFest is a music festival simulator where you can design, build, and manage the ultimate musical festival from a small field all the way up to a full-blown mega show. You’ll need to keep the crowd happy and work on a budget, while also discovering and promoting real unsigned bands to perform.

Sony XDev Europe Associate Producer Claire Bromley added:

Along with our friends at Jamendo, we’re bringing you a regularly updated catalogue of diverse unsigned artists’ tracks to download and promote in your festivals. As well as creating and hosting your own festivals, you can also visit friends’ festivals to enjoy the music and soak up the atmosphere… or to be a jolly old nuisance, by sending them streakers and other mischievous disruptions.

Previously announced to be a free-to-play title, Sony says BigFest now costs £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95 in Europe, with the North American price at $9.99

As well, BigFest was announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 back in August 2014, but Sony made no mention of either version today.

Will you be getting BigFest?

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