Dying Light’s Free #DrinkforDLC Arrives This February, Here’s What It Includes

Techland’s spoof of Destiny’s Red Bull promotion, the free #DrinkforDLC content is being added to Dying Light on February 9, 2016, alongside the release of the big enhancements update.

Encouraging people to drink water, the #DrinkforDLC hashtag resulted in over 15,000 photos and videos of people drinking water, and reached more than 15 million people. As a result of the campaign, Techland created the following DLC:

  • The Fountain of Youth – All-new exploration-based quest available in the Old Town area.
  • Water 2.0 – Blueprint for a new throwable weapon that intensifies the electrocution effect of all other weapons.
  • Water Challenges – Two brand-new parkour challenges designed around the theme of water. 

February 9, 2016 also sees the release of The Following expansion and the Enhanced Edition. If you buy the Enhanced Edition, the #DrinkforDLC content will be included.

In an interview with GameSpot, Lead Game Designer explained how long The Following will take to beat:

It’s an expansion, we mean that. It’s 10-plus hours just to finish the storyline and there’s a ton of activities that you can just keep doing even after those 10 or so hours. It all depends how you play the game. You can focus on the storyline and just push, that’s going to be 10 hours. The cool thing that we’re trying out with this expansion is that in order to push the story forward, there’s no single thing that you have to do to push it forward. There’s a number of things that you can do and it’s totally up to you why you want to do it.

Did you help make the free DLC a reality by drinking water?

[Source: Dying Light (Twitter), GameSpot]