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Geoff Keighley Responds to “Dorito Pope” Nickname

Geoff Keighley, best known for his organizing and hosting of The Game Awards, has also acquired a reputation as the “Dorito Pope,” a meme created to poke fun at the vast amount of Doritos and Mountain Dew products surrounding him during an interview with LevelSave in 2012. 

During an AMA on Reddit, Keighley (user “geoffmk”) responded to Scooterology’s question on the topic: 

It stung initially, now I’m pretty much over it….hopefully one day I’ll be known for more than that interview though. Honestly that whole incident just inspired me to want to do bigger and better things so my legacy would be more than that.

There’s no doubt that the man has gone on to do greater things, as the The Game Awards 2015 saw 2.3 million streams in 2 hours, a growth of over 20% from the first year. A big moment for Keighley, which fans continue to praise him for, was his honest statement on Hideo Kojima’s absence

Do you think Keighley is still worthy of the “Dorito Pope” title? Or has the man done enough for the gaming industry to escape past mistakes?