The Game Awards 2015 Saw 2.3 Million Livestreams, Keighley Confident in 2016 Edition

Taking place last Thursday, The Game Awards 2015 saw over 2.3 million livestreams in two hours, which is up 20% from The Game Awards 2014.

Producer Geoff Keighley said, “We started something special last year with The Game Awards, and it’s encouraging to see the audience grow double-digits for our second outing.”

Airing on Twitch, YouTube, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, and more, The Game Awards website says, “The results demonstrate the growing appetite for millennials to watch live tentpole events directly on digital and mobile devices.”

Along with trending worldwide on Twitter, there were over one billion impressions of #TheGameAwards hashtag, up 100% compared to last year. Over 175,000 users used the hashtag, creating 279,000 tweets, and feedback on the show was 95%, according to Sysomos.

There was also more than 500,000 users comments in the chat on Twitch and YouTube Gaming during the live show.

More stats surrounding The Game Awards 2015 will be revealed in the next few days.

Looking ahead to next year, Keighley told Polygon that he’s “confident” The Game Awards 2016 will happen in December, thanks to the growth and sponsor support.

Mentioning that the show broke even in terms of finances, Keighley talked about what he wants to address next year:

A tighter production technically, a shorter run time, and more on-stage awards. The format feels good, and it’s been nice to see the audience response — two solid years means we’re on the right path.

He also wants to add other elements, such as an eSports tournament during the day.

Were your thoughts on The Game Awards 2015 positive?

[Source: The Game Awards, Polygon]