The Game Awards 2022 viewer numbers

The Game Awards 2022 Viewer Numbers Were Highest in the Event’s History

Geoff Keighley has revealed last week’s The Game Awards 2022 viewer numbers were the highest ever in the event’s 8-year history. This included more than 100 million livestream viewers across multiple channels, while just under 10 million people tried to win themselves a Steam Deck for tuning in on Steam.

The Game Awards 2022 hit a new viewer milestone

The Game Awards 2022 were watched by 103 million people, a 20% increase in viewer numbers over those who watched the 2021 awards show. Of those people, 9.5 million tuned in on Steam with the hope of winning a Steam Deck, and at one point over 850,000 people were tuning in there simultaneously.

On Twitter, more than 11.5 million viewers tune in to watch the live stream on the social media platform. This saw a 28% increase in the number of people Tweeting about the show compared to last year, as well as a 31% increase in the use of the Awards’ specific hashtag. More importantly, the show was the #1 trend worldwide and even took up the top five worldwide trends as the awards were ongoing.

Keighley will surely see this as a success, especially as they were trying out a shorter show format with a “fair number” of new game announcements. If you missed the show, you can check out all of the highlights here.