Summer Game Fest Schedule June 2022

Geoff Keighley Confirms Summer Game Fest for June This Year

Seizing on the opportunity now that E3 2022 has been, somehow both surprisingly and inevitably, canceled in its in-person and digital forms, Geoff Keighley has announced that the Summer Game Fest schedule has been set for June. With the absence of what once was the video game industry’s premiere event every year, it would seem that the Summer Game Fest will again be filling the void this season.

How Summer Games Fest 2022 will fill the hole after E3 2022’s cancellation

In addition to reasserting that the upcoming Summer Game Fest schedule remains uninterrupted, Keighley has also confirmed via tweet that there will be Kickoff Live show with plenty of announcements. He has also promised that there are “some very cool new elements for ’22” that he will share in the weeks to come.

According to the official website for the Summer Games Fest, the Kickoff Live Show will “filled with world premieres” and both Double Fine and iam8bit will be featured during its Days of the Devs. The remainder of the event will be filled with a “a slate of digital livestream shows.”

It is currently unknown when in June the Summer Game Fest will arrive and which publishers and developers will be in attendance, However, if it’s anything like last year’s Summer Game Fest, the event will come with a feast of news items.

The Kickoff Live show that started Summer Game Fest 2021 had many highlights, including the reveal of the release date of From Software’s Elden Ring (which was delayed a month later on) and Gearbox’s announcement of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. In summary, about thirty game announcements were revealed during the event, which you can check out here in our recap of the most important news.

In other news, Blue Box has denied that Abandoned has been cancelled, although many of its projects in the past have not panned out, and some analysts believe that PS Plus isn’t attractive as a game pass.