Frictional Games “Looking Into” Bringing Past Titles to PS4

In an interview with Rely On Horror, Frictional Games’ Creative Director Thomas Grip explained the studio’s interest in bringing past titles to the PlayStation 4 platform. 

Grip explained that, after creating SOMA for PS4, they now had an engine running on the next-gen system, but hesitated to suggest past games would make a return.

We’re looking into it. Now that we have an engine running on PS4, we’re also looking into how easy it is to port, but we haven’t really decided yet. We have to look into it – what sort of problems might arise. So there’s always the chance of something that you thought that would be real easy turns out to be something that’s very time consuming. We’ll make an announcement when we know.

So the team behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent are “looking into it.” I know a lot of horror fans would love to get their hands on a spruced up version of the original Amnesia game, which has yet to make it to a console platform. 

Are you hopeful that Frictional Games will find a way to port their past games across? Which title would you most like to play on PS4?

[Source: Rely On Horror]