Noby Noby Boy Ending Sequence Revealed, Finally Completed After Six Years

Oh my, my, my! Noby Noby Boy, a game that was released on PlayStation 3 six years ago, has finally been completed.

Thanks to the help of some truly dedicated players, who each contributed to push the game’s “GIRL” character through space, the title has now reach its end. 

You can check out the full ending in the video above. Watch with intrigue, as this sequence has taken six years to uncover. 

To aid players in achieving this feat, Bandai Namco applied a 2,000,015x multiplier, speeding GIRL up considerably. The exact number of days for her to connect all planets was 2,489 days!

While we didn’t exactly rate the game highly in our review, we still respect Keita Takahashi’s creative mind and efforts. His next endeavor, a game named Wattam, is set to release in 2016.

Are you looking forward to the next wacky title from Takahashi? Hopefully Wattam won’t take six years to finish!

[Source: Kotaku & Siliconera]