Media Molecule Assures Players Dreams Will Be a Full Game, Designed As a “Story-Led” Adventure

For all of the ambition fuelling Media Molecule’s new title Dreams, the PlayStation 4 exclusive has become a tricky butterfly to pin when it comes to defining what the game actually is. 

That’s a conundrum that Technical Director Alex Evans acknowledged while speaking to Eurogamer. In an extensive piece that covers the game’s inception and Dreams’ development journey to PS4, Evans was quick to point out the game’s innate accessibility. 

It’s definitely a game. It’s a tool as well because that’s how we make it, and it’s a revolutionary tool. It’s a game you can enjoy, just as LittleBigPlanet was. I know you’ll be able to boot the game, not have understood the game and not have to care about any of the stuff we’re showing and still enjoy yourself. Sit on the sofa, pop the Blu-ray in and have a good time.

Delving a little deeper, Evans noted that the studio wants to take fans on a “story-led” adventure with Dreams, but stopped short of mentioning what exactly said adventure will involve. 

It will be story-led, I imagine – the reason we’re not talking about it yet is because it’s in pieces at the moment. We think we know what we’re going to do, but it’s not good enough to show you. Dreams has got to stand as a fun experience. It’s got to be a pop culture, console experience. How we do it is going to be innovative, I think.

Dreams is currently slated for a PS4 release with PlayStation VR support to boot. For more on Media Molecule’s new IP, read our thoughts coming out of PSX 2015. 

[Source: Eurogamer]