Grand Theft Auto Online Festive Surprise 2015 Adds Beast vs Slasher Adversary Mode

Bringing more content to this year’s Grand Theft Auto Online Festive Surprise that runs from December 21 through January 5, Rockstar has added the Beast vs Slasher Adversary Mode on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

In the 4-10 player Beast vs Slasher mode, a team of Beasts powered up with wild speed, the ability to leap over building, and temporary invisibility must evade the pursuing Slashers. To help them out, the Slasher Team is split into three sub-teams: Demolition, Heavy, and Assault, and you’ll have access to RPGs, Miniguns, and Railguns.

Rockstar adds:

And if being armed to the teeth isn’t enough, Slashers are also equipped with thermal vision to help seek out and bring down the elusive Beasts. Supporting 4-10 players, both teams will need to stay on the move and work together with their teammates to prevail in this new Adversary Mode.

PS4, Xbox One, and PC owners also now have permanent access to the brand new Declasse Tampa (above).

If none of that interests you, the Festive Surprise adds snowfall to Los Santos on PS4, PS3, XB1, 360, and PC, letting you take part in snowball fights (press left on the d-pad to collect up to nine snowballs). Additionally, everyone will receive a Fireworks Launcher with five rockets, and there will be “more gifts under the tree” when you log in on Christmas Day.

[Source: Rockstar Games]