Editor’s Letter: PlayStation LifeStyle in 2015 Hit New All-Time Highs!

Well, it’s finally 2016, friends. While I already penned a letter last year saying how we established a new all-time high when it comes to site traffic, that got broken almost every month by new all-time highs. Now, I didn’t write a new letter every month announcing it since it would look kinda funny if I did, right?

It goes without saying that 2015 has been very, very good for PlayStation LifeStyle. When I joined PSLS as the new Editor-in-Chief in 2014, I admit, I was a little worried on just how the old staff would respond to the changes I had in mind, as well as what kind of turnaround I can bring when it comes to traffic. While PSLS always had good traffic, I was aiming for the moon! It’s safe to say now that all my worries are gone, and replaced with excitement, goals and ambition.

While we did establish new records and whatnot in 2014, I was blown away by our numbers in 2015. According to our PR Manager/thrall Cameron Teague, we had a jump of 112 percent in views from 2014 to 2015! Our best month in terms of traffic last year, which was December if I’m not mistaken, was even less than what we averaged per month in 2015! Imagine that! And same as before, we couldn’t have done this without the hard work of everyone on staff, the freelance people, and most of all, because of YOU, our readers. 

I continue to be humbled by our readership that visit PSLS everyday for the latest in PlayStation news, trust our reviews, read our in-depth and silly features (which we run at least once per day!), and even watch our videos. I’m proud that our YouTube channel has blown up and that our videos are being watched by thousands of people every single time. 

I want to thank everyone for making PlayStation LifeStyle the #1 non-Sony affiliated PlayStation destination in the entire world! The fact that I can confidently make that claim makes me proud and extremely happy. 

2015 has certainly been an awesome year for PSLS what with us rolling out our official app, and even official PSLS shirts and hoodies! If you think we’re going to coast along for 2016, you can’t be more wrong. Even now we’re cooking up new ideas that will kick off very soon that I think our readers will enjoy. Same as always, if you have suggestions, feedback on existing features and whatnot, just shoot me an email anytime or even a tweet, and I’ll do my best to respond.

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