Three Fields: If You Liked Burnout & BLACK, “You Might Just Like This First Game We’ve Made”

Three Fields Entertainment, a developer comprised of ex-Criterion Games (Burnout, BLACK) staff, is still planning on releasing their first game in 2016.

This news comes from Alex Ward, Director and Co-Founder, who talked to Develop in a feature looking ahead to 2016:

Smash the future – oh, and finish and release our first game here at Three Fields.

Three Fields has been teasing numerous milestones about their first game on Twitter, including the fact that “January is going to be our busiest month so far,” and that they were taking screenshots for press all afternoon today ahead of press demos. They also said, “We pooled our life savings to try and do this. All of your support so far is appreciated. Really.”

Ward also gave out a tease on Twitter:

If you liked #Burnout and you liked #BLACK then you might just like this first game we’ve made at @3FieldsEnt.

According to previous comments by Three Fields, this first title will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in spring 2016, with a public unveiling likely happening soon. “It’s an original new game – an innovative new twist on a sports game that’s fast, funny, and heavy on social multiplayer,” they write on their website.

Once this first game is released, Three Fields will begin work on a spiritual successor to Burnout 3.

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