Hardware Rivals Update 1.05 Today Is 3.3GB, Fixes Crashing & Matchmaking Issues

Released earlier this week on PlayStation 4, with PlayStation Plus members able to download it for free in January, Hardware: Rivals was updated to version 1.05 today, with the download taking up a reported 3.3GB.

According to CptWrench over on the PlayStation Forums, today’s Hardware: Rivals update includes many fixes:

The 1.05 Patch includes fixes for a couple of problems that were causing crashes and preventing players from staying in rounds, as well as more tweaks to matchmaking. There are also several other fixes and optimisations we put into it.

As for the 3.3GB download, which essentially doubles the size of the game, CptWrench said it’s due to the fact that they wanted the fixes out as soon as possible:

That said, ultimately the size of the patch is down to us making a call to get the patch out for this weekend, which meant that it unfortunately ended up bigger than we would have liked. We’re doing our best to ensure future patches are smaller downloads.

If you’re planning on playing Hardware: Rivals this weekend, PlayStation Europe tweeted, “Check out the High Speed Rail event, running all weekend w/ double XP & Railguns only.” To find the community, Sony suggests searching for CptWrench in the PS4 friends menu, going to the profile, and selecting the Hardware: Rivals community from there.

Expect our review of the game soon.

What do you think of Hardware: Rivals so far?

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