Here’s the First 16 Minutes of Dying Light: The Following Gameplay

Narrated by Producer Tymon Smektala, Techland showed off the first 16 minutes of Dying Light: The Following gameplay with IGN, letting you see the new area (full view at 1:00) and much more.

As Smektala says in the video, “We are taking the story even further. Kyle Crane, protagonist of the base game, is trying to support the people at the Tower, the survivor’s hub that he lived in in the base game. But the situation is very bad there because people are dying, there is not enough Antizin, and things are getting worse. Thankfully, he stumbled upon a wounded man who was talking about people who don’t get infected, who seem to be immune to the virus. And he was holding a map in his hands, so now we are trying to follow that map.”

The first part of the video is about traversal, then dives into combat just after 3:00, where Smektala takes on a horde of zombies.

Dying Light: The Following and Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition release on February 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: IGN (YouTube)]