Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.2 Live for PS4 & Xbox One Today, Improves Server Tick Rate

Going live a day ahead of schedule, Rainbow Six Siege update 1.2 is releasing today (about 775MB) on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Ubisoft announced.

Addressing top issues, update 1.2 also brings permanent bans to cheaters, as Ubisoft explained:

Effective immediately, any cheating detected by the system will lead to a permanent ban, with no more three-day suspensions for first-time offenders. The developers are also trying a new method of dealing with defending players who try to wander outside during a match’s preparation stage: they’ll suffer instant death. The method will be tested on Xbox One tomorrow, and will spread to other platforms later that day if effective.

Here’s a list of patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege update 1.2:

Matchmaking Improvements

  • Refining the quality of PVP matches with more evenly matched opponents
  • Added a criteria that increases the odds of pre-made parties being matched against a squad with an equal number of pre-made parties within them.
  • Skill criterion originating from the player’s region is now more precise.

Improved connectivity to PVP and PVE matches

  • Increased match quality by ensuring players using the same data center get matched together, leading to better ping.
  • Improved accuracy of the estimated waiting time while in lobby.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Ranked matches HUD synch with Casual update has been applied.
  • Did some fixes on an issue in which players would get stuck when walking, running or at the end of a rappel. The player could do other actions and rotate but couldn’t move: Some situations still cause this bug. It is a work in progress.

Level Design Fixes

  • Kanal: fixed a bug in which the red blocker wall was not present on a window in the holding room for Defenders and allowed them to exit their zone during the preparation phase.
  • Some lighting issues on maps have been fixed.
  • Some minor collision issues have been fixed on House, Clubhouse, Kanal and Russian Café.

Online Flow Fixes

  • Partial fix of the loading screen freeze (smoke background).

UI Fixes

  • Player skill rank display has been re-activated.
  • Authentication pop-up title had inconsistent spacing.

Other Fixes

  • The Season Passes temporary activation for everyone for issue identification purposes has now ended.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Tier 5 faded skin for the FBI’s 5.7 USG pistol didn’t unlock even after purchasing it.

They also updated the server tick rate on consoles and brought it to 60 times-per-second, as opposed to the previous 30.

Looking ahead to the future of Rainbow Six Siege, update 1.3 is live on PC today and hits PS4/Xbox One on January 20. This is a smaller patch designed to fix the loading screen issue, the failed data synchronization issue, and more.

Then, on February 2, PS4, Xbox One, and PC will receive update 2.0. This will be a “much bigger patch” that launches the start of Season 1.

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