Hideo Kojima Tour Continues, Meets With Star Wars VII Director JJ Abrams

Continuing with our report yesterday that Metal Gear Solid creator and video game legend Hideo Kojima has gone on a 10-day trip to look for the “newest technology,” the video game director decided to visit one other director, but one for films.

As the headline implies, Kojima visited Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens director, JJ Abrams. Is it to collaborate on a game? Unfortunately, no. Rather, Kojima dropped by Abrams to “inform” the film director about his new studio.

Bear in mind that Abrams isn’t alien to the video game industry, with the film director’s studio Bad Robot collaborating with Infinity Blade studio Chair Entertainment for SpyJinx. Who knows, though? Maybe we’ll see a future collaboration between Kojima and Abrams and they’re just keeping it a secret for now. Well, one can hope.

Which film or game studio do you think Kojima will visit next? Don’t forget that he’s joined by PS4 lead architect, Mark Cerny, so it should be one heck of a 10-day trip.

[Source: Hideo Kojima (Twitter) via GameSpot]