Leaked Screenshots Reveal Black Ice DLC for Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft is inching closer and closer to the release of Rainbow Six Siege‘s Black Ice expansion and still more information continues to leak.

Much like the images that surfaced only a few weeks ago, today’s nugget comes by way of Reddit, presenting yet more evidence that the two DLC operatives will hail from a new Canadian Task Force.

Going by the names of Frost and Buck, the pair boast their own unique abilities, with the former able to lay a “mechanical trap to incapacitate enemies” as a Defending operator. Buck, meanwhile, has access to an under-barrel shotgun that comes equipped to his primary weapon — either the “C8-SFW assault rifle or CAMRS marksman rifle.” Available to unlock for all players, each DLC operative will cost 25,000 Renown, or by spending the equivalent of $4.99 on in-game currency. 

Season Pass owners on PS4 have ran into difficulty with accessing the recently-released Safairi Bundle. In a recent post via Twitter, Ubisoft assured users it was investigating the reported issues. 

Frost and Buck appear to be the first two of eight planned post-launch DLC operatives, and they’ll make their debut when the Operation Black Ice expansion launches on February 2 

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