Dying Light Community Maps Coming to Consoles, Stream to Happen This Saturday

Watch live video from Techland on www.twitch.tv

Just in time for Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, Techland has sent a press release out announcing that not only will a Twitch stream happen this Saturday where the best community maps will be showcased, but “select” maps will be available to consoles, too!

This Saturday, members of the Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition team meet up to play the very best community maps created with Dying Light Dev Tools. The event will be streamed live on Twitch, starting at 10:00 AM PT.

Here’s what Michael Napora, Dying Light Community Manager had to say:

We said on many different occasions how much we enjoy playing maps created by our fans, but now the time has come to show it…There’s so much variety and ingenuity in there, even more so since we added co-op and PvP support. One more thing: we will be making select maps available on consoles, and we will play some of them this Saturday!

Techland will reveal a list of the community maps that will be available for consoles in a separate announcement.  You can watch the Twitch stream on Saturday on Techland’s official Twitch channel.

Also of note, Techland has launched a “TweetForSpeed” initiative for Dying Light that encourages to tweet, so the can see more of the Dying Light: The Following’s map. 

Welcome to our Twitter-powered racetrack. Every time you send a tweet to @DyingLightGame with the hashtag #TweetForSpeed, the electric car that’s being streamed live will move along the track. The more distance it covers, the more of the map will be revealed.

This map contains just some of the location points you will see in Dying Light: The Following. We didn’t want to reveal all of them to you – it would spoil the fun when you actually play the game.

Tweet at us, watch it live at twitch.tv/Techland and enjoy the show.

You can check out the interactive map here.

What kind of community maps do you want to see in Dying Light? And what are you hoping to see this Saturday?