Sony’s Gio Corsi: We Always Say When Starting a Project, “Are You Open to Doing a Vita Version?”

In an article about how Sony saved the PlayStation Vita version of The Banner Saga, which was put on hold due to issues during development, Gio Corsi, Senior Director of Third Party Production & Developer Relations at PlayStation, said they always ask studios if they’re open to a Vita version.

Corsi, who made The Banner Saga PS Vita announcement on Twitter in December, told Kotaku, “That Vita fanbase may not be massive but it is damn sure passionate.” This passion ultimately led to Sony’s decision of financially support The Banner Saga on Vita, with the game potentially coming out this year.

He then went on to say that Third Party Production always asks developers if they’re open to putting their game on PS Vita:

[Vita] has its own host of challenges. I’m not gonna deny that, we all know that’s true! [laughs] But a lot of studios out there love working with the Vita or are excited by the technical challenge of working with the Vita. When we do a project, we always say, ‘Are you open to doing a Vita version?’ and that’s usually met with a positive. People really love that platform – it’s the platform that could.

The PlayStation 4 version of The Banner Saga released earlier this month. You can read our review over here.

The Banner Saga 2 is in development right now, and could launch on consoles at the same time as PC.

[Source: Kotaku]