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Sony Will “Always Back” Creating New IPs and Genres, Says Senior VP of SIE Worldwide Studios

Michael Denny, the senior vice president of Sony’s worldwide studios, has said in an interview with VG247 that the company will “always back” and support creation of new IPs and genres. In response to a question about Guerrilla Games transitioning from Killzone to Horizon Zero Dawn, Denny said that although trying something new is a “big challenge,” it’s what fans want.

It’s interesting that at this stage in the life cycle we’ve got big new IPs, triple A IPs, to come, with Ghost of Tsushima, and games like Days Gone as well. We’ll always back new IP. But what we’ll say is well, we’re gonna be smart about how we develop those games and make sure we have a strong pre-production process and really prove out the key elements of those games along the way. But doing new IPs and trying to create new genres is something we’ll always back.

Denny said that Sony aims to offer gamers choice and diversity when it comes to video games. As a result, the company gives studios the creative freedom to develop projects that they’re passionate about. “I think Worldwide Studios has always operated in that way,” he explained. “We want to encourage studios to come up with exciting, innovative, great, high quality ideas.”

The full interview also discusses Sony’s foray into virtual reality so make sure to check it out.

[Source: VG247]