Sega Teasing More Teases, Announcing More Announcements

Sega’s most recent announced announcement turned out to be a total dud, but the new announced announcement that the company just announced the announcement of looks to be regarding Valkyria Chronicles Remaster localization… news. Friday, the company posted a teaser “puzzle” image on its Twitter, hinting at the exact nature of its upcoming announcement announcing, which you may have read about here.

The puzzle is easy, because in marketing, you still want the money of stupid customers. And if anyone is intimately familiar with the intricacies of stupidity, it’s Sega. You gotta keep things simple:


If you just said, “Hey that’s the tank from 2008 PS3 tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles,” that’s because this image is the tank from 2008 PS3 tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles.

So it looks more and more like the PS4 remaster of Valkyria Chronicles and/or the spinoff Azure Revolution will be getting some kind of localization news soon, it’s just a question of the usual specifics.

When the announced announcement is officially announced, and confirmation is confirmed, we’ll post the news in a news post.