Dev Cites BioShock Infinite, Portal as Influences for Gemini: Heroes Reborn

On the eve of the title’s PS4 launch, Imperative Entertainment has rolled out a new gameplay trailer for Gemini: Heroes Reborn that showcases the different powers and abilities available in the first-person adventure. 

Taking to PlayStation Blog, the studio’s Lead Designer Steve Bowler offered up some pertinent details regarding how Heroes Reborn controls and, in particular, the games Imperative used as inspiration. 

Placing a heavy emphasis on the ability to time travel, one of said titles that Bowler references is Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite.

We also borrowed from BioShock Infinite. Our Time Scout ability lets you peek through time so you can “look before you leap.” Infinite has this with Elizabeth’s Tears. However, hers happen at an explicit point in a level and the narrative. Ours is a game mechanic that you could use however and whenever you want, not a narrative plot point. For example, follow a guard who is walking in the Past while you’re in the Present in order to time your jump.

Priced at $14.99, Gemini: Heroes Reborn has been billed as a side story that takes place in the Heroes universe, and therefore doesn’t have any direct connection to the show itself. It’ll make its way to PlayStation 4 tomorrow, January 26. 

[Source: PS Blog]