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BioShock Dev Returns to 2K for Unannounced Project at New Studio

A hawk-eyed ResetEra user has pointed out that a former BioShock Infinite developer, Shawn Elliot, has returned to 2K to work on an unannounced project. Elliot’s LinkedIn profile reveals that after Irrational Games, he worked with Prey studio Arkane, and has now returned to work at 2K’s new studio located in Novato, CA, as Principle Combat Designer.

From job listings published on 2K’s website, we know that the unnamed studio is working on a first-person shooter with a strong narrative. A description for Lead Gameplay Engineer reads:

Hello! We’re starting up a new team here at 2K to – surprise! – make a video game. A first-person shooter to be precise. We are a small, scrappy group with a ton of ambition AND the resources to see it realized. That’s pretty rare these days. Think of us like a well-funded startup but without all the gross tech culture trappings. This is an opportunity to join an incredible project on the ground floor.

What We Need:

Someone to lead development of our gameplay systems in a strongly narrative and systemic game. You will work closely with design to advance and implement the vision for the gameplay systems. In this role you will sit across the intersection of design, engineering, animation, audio and user experience. You will be expected to be fluent across all of these disciplines and be able to help everyone achieve their respective ambitions. We believe that a truly good gameplay engineer is one of the hardest positions to find and we hope that you are that person.

While speculation suggests that a new BioShock game might be in development, don’t hold your breath.

We’ll update our readers when we have more info.

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