Stikbold! Brings a Dodgeball Adventure to PS4, Xbox One & PC in 2016

From developer Game Swing, with Curve Digital publishing, Stikbold! is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016.

Featuring single and local multiplayer, Stikbold! is a fantasy dodgeball game where you play on quirky arenas with crazy random events. Complete with a story following athletes Björn and Jerome, you can take part in two-player co-op team battles or free-for-all battles with up to six players (four human, two AI).

“Stikbold is a quirky, over-the-top action sports game described best as a mix of dodgeball and a fighting game,” Designer Martin Petersen said. “Make use of everything from dodgeballs to jellyfish in order to eliminate your competitors as you duke it out against friends and family on a variety of unlikely courts.”

Stikbold! also includes 18 playable characters, lots of mustaches, and, if you get knocked out, you can return as a hazard, including angry Swans, Sand Sharks, and more.

[Source: Curve Digital, PS Blog]