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GameStop Isn’t Attempting to Be a Video Game Publisher, Says Exec

GameStop’s global lead for new business, Mark Stanley, has said that the retailer is “not attempting to be a publisher” despite signing on Insomniac Games’ upcoming title Song of the Deep. In an interview with MCV, Stanley said that the company is merely availing a “great opportunity.”

We are simply taking a great opportunity to collaborate in a non-traditional way, and trust that the combination of all these great ingredients we have put in make for a great experience.

GameStop has worked closely with all publishers for many years, and our store associates have been instrumental in growing triple-A franchises. That will not change. We are simply taking an opportunity to do something different. Supporting great game craftsmanship in a way that has never been done before. And this supports our industry’s quest for better gaming, and more gamers.

However, when asked if GameStop will publish more titles in the future, Stanley simply said that the company will see how things go with Song of the Deep before considering anything further.

[Source: MCV]