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GameStop Ireland and ShopTo Are Saying Some PS5 Preorders Won’t Be Fulfilled Until 2021

GameStop Ireland and ShopTo in the UK are now informing some customers that PlayStation 5 preorders may not be fulfilled until 2021. On GameStop Ireland’s end, a portion of a message to consumers notes the store “won’t be able to fulfill your pre-order until 2021.” Reportedly, ShopTo UK sent a similar email to a number of PlayStation 5 preorder holders yesterday.

According to Video Games Chronicle, GameStop Ireland’s message claims such a delays falls on circumstances the retailer simply cannot control. As such, customers have one of two options going forward. They can either remain in place for the PS5 preorder queue or outright cancel their order.

A screenshot of the GameStop.IE message features below, courtesy of VGC:

playstation 5 preorders

Similarly, ShopTo recently messaged customers about allocation-related details sent over by Sony. Said information confirmed that some preorder purchases will not arrive in November as expected. VGC further reports that ShopTo sent emails to other customers letting them know their preorders will be fulfilled on time.

All of the above indicates certain retailers over-promised by opening a few too many preorders. As the GameStop.IE message makes clear, however, the issue does not necessarily fall on the stores. ShopTo’s statement regarding its recent receipt of allocation details suggests the retailer was encouraged to offer more than what would eventually be available. It remains unclear what exactly happened in this regard, though.

Interestingly, Amazon sent out similar warnings a couple of weeks ago. The retail giant’s message told customers they “may not receive this item on the day it is released due to high demand.” Now the question is whether other retailers will find themselves in the same boat as PS5’s launch continues to draw near.

PS5 is slated to launch in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia and South Korea on November 12th. The rest of the world will receive the console on November 19th.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]