Song of the Deep Doing Quite Well, GameStop Hoping to Work With Insomniac Again

Insomniac Games’ Song of the Deep, which was published under GameStop’s GameTrust label, hasn’t disappointed the company commercially.

The adventure title received a mixed reaction from critics but GameTrust executive Mark Stanley told IGN during DICE 2017 that “the game broke all levels that we had put in front of it for both retail and digital.” “So, thankfully, Song of the Deep is still doing well,” he continued.

Stanley also revealed that the publisher is hoping to work with Insomniac “soon” again for another project.

Elsewhere in the interview, Stanley revealed that GameTrust has “a few things that we have locked in” and it’ll be revealing details of a “fantastic” project that it’s working on with RIME developer, Tequila Works, in the near future. Apparently, the unannounced game is “not very typical of the studio” much like Song of the Deep for Insomniac.

Lastly, Stanley says GameTrust wants to focus on 5-6 games a year. “We don’t want to become a game factory,” he explained.

[Source: IGN]