The VOTE: Digital Games or Physical Media?

The VOTE allows you, the PSLS community, to cast your vote and determine once and for all which choice is definitively better. This is for all the marbles, and any other voting sort of analogies that you can think of. Feel free to discuss your choice in the comments below, but remember to keep it civil. We’ll have new votes every Wednesday, with results from the prior week posted at that time, so be sure to check back and make your voice heard. 

Last week we took on what was arguably the best release in January: The Witness. We wanted to know simply if you are currently playing The Witness, and how you are liking it. 43% said yes, and that you are enjoying every puzzle (this was the correct answer, of course). 6% said they were, and that the critics didn’t know what they were talking about. 33%said no, but they really want to be playing it. And 17% said that it looks stupid, which is of course the wrong opinion to have. I am totally kidding about your opinions by the way, those are yours to keep, no matter how wrong they are.

There wasn’t a lot of news this week that elicited any kind of debate, so we’re asking a general question this time around. Do you prefer the ease and convenience of digital media, or do you like physical media that eats up less hard drive space and less bandwidth? It’s a simple question, and I’m quite curious to know the breakdown between our readers as digital games become more and more prevalent. So which is it — Digital or physical? Time to make your voice heard and VOTE!

Do you prefer the ease and convenience of digital games, or do you like the permanence of physical media? in PlayStation LifeStyle’s Hangs on LockerDome

Check back during the week to see how your choice is stacking up. Have any suggestions for future polls? Email me, tweet me, or hit us up on Twitter @PSLifeStyle, and don’t forget to vote each Wednesday.