Battalion 1944 Reaches Kickstarter Goals in Just Three Days

It seems the time is right for a new World War 2 online multiplayer shooter, as Battalion 1944 has already hit its Kickstarter goal a mere three days after it was started. Granted, it’s original target was just a mere £100,000, but even so, it’s evident that fans want a shooter that’s not based in the future or in modern times.

As of press time, Battalion 1944 has over 4,376 backers, with £130,543 funded and we have 26 more days to go. Developer Bulkhead Interactive cites games such as the old-school Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games as inspiration for Battalion 1944. 

Over on Twitter, the studio released a video thanking fans for supporting the game this early on. According to Bulkhead, stretch goals will be revealed soon, too.

If you want to help fund the game, you can do so by visiting its Kickstarter page here.

Being developed on Unreal Engine 4, Battalion 1944 is scheduled to hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in May 2017.

[Source: Battalion 1944 (Twitter)]