First Gameplay Footage of PS3, PS Vita Attack on Titan Ports Appears Online

With a Japanese release date fast approaching, developer Koei Tecmo is beginning to shed new light on Attack on Titan.

Acting as the studio’s debut title on PlayStation 4, there are also ports for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in the works, with all versions poised to grace the Land of the Rising Sun on February 18. Those in North America and Europe will have to wait until later in 2016 before the title makes its way West, though new gameplay footage for the PS3 and PS Vita ports ought to help ease the wait. 

Technical limitations of the hardware will naturally mean that those ports won’t be as buttery smooth or as pretty as their PS4 counterparts. Then again, considering that the video above showcases less than a minute from Koei Tecmo’s recent stream, we’ll reserve judgement until the game is out in the wild. 

Attack on Titan will make its debut come February 18 in Japan, with a North American and European launch planned for later in 2016.

[Source: Gematsu