Capcom Aiming to Support Street Fighter V for Entire Console Generation

Capcom is confident next week’s Street Fighter V packs a punch — so much so, in fact, that the publisher wants the brawler sequel “to last a console generation.”

Speaking with MCV, Brand Manager Brian Ayers noted that SFV is the “only version you’ll ever need,” effectively ruling out any plans to launch a ‘Super’ or ‘Ultra’ spinoff in 2017 or beyond. Instead, Capcom will be doubling down on post-release content, beginning with the addition of Alex in March

“We’ve been quite honest in saying that Street Fighter V – the disc or digital edition – is the only version that you’ll ever need. You’ll never have to buy or be forced to buy another iteration further down the line. What that means is you don’t split the player base. Everyone can always just buy that game and know that two, three years down the line and know they can jump back in whether they are just spectating or being a competitor.”

He continued: “We want Street Fighter V to last a console generation. That’s a very brave move from the business side of things. But that is how we are looking at the product as well. It’s not: ‘right, get it out, it’s the first six months and then it’s done’. We’re talking lifetime on this now in years rather than quarters, which I think is quite telling in itself.”

Street Fighter V is creeping closer and closer to its launch across PS4 and PC on February 16. Do you believe Capcom’s sequel has the mileage to last the entire generation? 

[Sources: MCV UK, Twitter]