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PS4 RPG Black Rose Valkyrie in Development by Idea Factory

Idea Factory and Compile Heart are hard at work on another PS4 RPG, this one called “Kurobara no Warukyuure” (Black Rose Valkyrie). Famitsu posted some teaser min-scans on its website and then more info in the print magazine this week. This is how print media is staying alive in Japan.

The main character’s name is Asahi (an oddly common name for stuff in Japan, with a beer, a newspaper, a chain of bike shops, and a number of other things bearing that name), who is described as being completely prototypical. This might be why he has such a common name.

In the game’s story, a meteor smashes into Earth, bringing with it a virus which, in 1929, causes The Great Depression. By that I mean…people changing into Chimera. Weird timing on that meteor though, you have to admit. The game’s version of Japan used the Chimera outbreak as an excuse to completely close of the country (that…sounds familiar) and develop a special armed force to destroy the virus that causes the change. Our boy Asahi is the leader of these forces. And off we go.

Black Rose Valkyrie is expected to be released in Japan within 2016. Foreign release plans are not yet confirmed.

Its official Japanese website is here, with “BRV” in the URL, all but ensuring it would maintain the name “Black Rose Valkyrie” if localized. We’ll have to wait and see for sure, though. 

[Source: Famitsu]