Star Wars Battlefront Update Tweaks Bowcaster and Homing Shot, New Community Mission Centers on Leia

Fond of the Bowcaster and Homing Shot in Star Wars Battlefront and feel they should be a little more powerful? EA and DICE bring news today that the pair will receive buffs in the shooter’s imminent February update, but refrained from going into specifics for now.  

That’s according to Battlefront Community Manager Sledgehammer70 (via WCCFTech), who took to the official forums to reveal that balancing tweaks will be added over the next fortnight. Indeed both the Bowcaster and Homing Shot were nerfed as part of last month’s update, and the executive noted that the upcoming fixes will “bring them back in line” with their original attributes. 

I have a feeling the community will be excited to hear the Bowcaster and Homing shot will be getting further tweaks to bring them back in line where we feel they should be. Yes, these would be considered ‘buffs’ but we’re not going into specifics until we reveal the full patch details.

No word yet on a due date for the February update, though EA today shared details of a third Battlefront Community Mission revolving around one Princess Leia. Kicking off today, February 16 at 9AM PT, the event will run through the weekend before wrapping up on February 22. 

With a “new Princess Leia Endor costume” up for grabs, communities are tasked with completing no less than 102,187 of gameplay as the Rebel leader across any game mode. Fans close to the Star Wars franchise will know that the total is also a neat nod to Leia’s holding cell in A New Hope, not to mention Finn’s Stormtropper designation code (FN-2187) in The Force Awakens.  

You’ll have until February 22nd at 9PM PT to complete the community task. 

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