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BioWare Answers Mass Effect Questions From Fans in “Ask BioWare” Video

While we’re still waiting for more info on Mass Effect: Andromeda to surface, developer BioWare is making sure the franchise is in everyone’s mind by making it the focus of its latest “Ask BioWare” video series.

In the two-minute video above, we get to see the devs answer burning questions like would they choose Ashley or Kaiden? Would you rather romance a vorcha or a rachni? Check their answers in the video above.

In other news regarding the franchise, BioWare has confirmed earlier this year that Mass Effect: Andromeda is now in a playable state. Now let’s hope that means we get to hear fresh news about it soon! Maybe a gameplay trailer even, no?

What would you want to ask BioWare about Mass Effect? Go tweet them and who knows? They might just answer you in their latest video.