Street Fighter V Arcade Mode Being Looked Into, Capcom Confirms

As we said in our review, “A glaring omission in [Street Fighter V] is the lack of an Arcade Mode.” Feedback on this missing content has been voiced to Capcom since launch last week and, in a statement to Forbes, they revealed it’s being looked into:

The team is looking into adding an Arcade Mode and we’ll have more information to share soon.

Additionally, Capcom is planning on adding difficulty sliders into the Character Stories mode.

Looking at the future of Street Fighter V, March will see Challenge Mode getting the Battle Tips and Trials sub-modes, online battle lobbies will add eight person lobbies and Spectator mode, and Alex will be the first DLC character available in the in-game store.

Further down the line, the remaining five DLC fighters will be available by the end of September, and the Cinematic Story Expansion will be added for free in June 2016 through an update. Capcom also plans on addressing match quitting, but a timeframe hasn’t been revealed.

If you were having trouble connecting to Street Fighter V last night, it was due to extended maintenance. Everything’s back up and running now.

[Source: Forbes]