Colorful Screenshots Celebrate Summon Night 6 Japanese Demo Launch

This close to its March 10 Japan release date, it looks like Bandai Namco’s Summon Night 6: Lost Borders is all set to go. In fact, if you’re down for jumping on the Japanese PSN store for the download and play, you can snag a 214MB demo here. It’s available for both PlayStation Vita and PS4.

In the full game, players can look forward to a long journey with a big cast of characters and plenty of conflict along the way — much of which seems rooted in regional struggles. (Perhaps that’s the source of the title?) And, as with many great JRPGs, there’s totally a fishing mini-game. Check the gallery below for screenshots of that and much more from the Summon Night 6‘s colorful world:

Summon Night 6 has not yet been confirmed for international release. We’ll let you know if that changes, though it often takes a while for these niche games to get announcements. Patience.