See Two Dudes Play Gundam Breaker 3 With Funny Face Paint

The men yelling at you in the video above are on assignment from Bandai Namco, and they eventually start playing Gundam Breaker 3 (just after the four-minute mark). In this game, players customize Gundam models to pretty much the limits of their imaginations, then make those babies fight each other. This video, however, doesn’t include the fighting part. The dudes just customize suits here.

Even the Bandai Namco guys must have been like “Fuck, this shit is running long,” because by the end, it’s sped up by — I’m ballparking it — like 350%. Some things are really fun to do, but less fun to watch, I guess. (So does that make me weird for sitting through the whole thing? I watched a video that even the producers thought was too slow.)

The first two Gundam Breaker games didn’t come stateside, so there’s not much of a precedent for this one to break the trend. It is, however, getting an English-subtitled version at the end of April, to be released in Asia. The Japanese version will beat it to the market, as it arrives March 3. Vita being region-free, importing is always a possibility for whichever you prefer.

If that video’s not enough for you, you can check out even more footage here.