EA CFO Says PS4/Xbox One Sales Have Reached 60 Million, Teases More Star Wars Games

Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen said at a recent Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference that current-gen consoles have sold around 60 million units. He said this while explaining why the company isn’t completely on board with virtual reality yet, stating that for EA to invest $50-$100 million on a full VR game, there has to be a market large enough to justify the investment.

However, Jorgensen did say that EA is working on some small VR games and will be prepared to work with the technology if the market takes off. 

In the same conference, Jorgensen also teased future Star Wars games in light of Battlefront, mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and free-to-play MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic doing “extremely well.” He said:

We see it as a great start–building a strong base of people that want to play in the Star Wars universe. And then leveraging it over time with action-oriented games, future Battlefront first-person shooter style games, new mobile games.

As everyone knows, with Star Wars, there is an unlimited amount of things you can do with the content. And as Disney starts to add more and more new content, that gives fuel to our ability to add more games around it.

EA also has some unannounced projects in the pipeline, which we’re told will be teased over the next six months. With E3 2016 taking place in June, it’s likely that we’ll see a reveal or two during the event.

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