The Force Awakens Star Asks EA If Star Wars Battlefront Will Get an Offline Story Mode

On Twitter yesterday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega asked EA if they would be adding an offline story mode to Star Wars Battlefront. Here’s their response:

Although the EA Star Wars account didn’t elaborate further on an offline story mode, the EA UK account did reply, “Sounds like a date,” suggesting Boyega will be visiting them soon.

In the resulting Twitter thread, someone brought up that ‘campaigns are expensive and supposedly not as popular as multiplayer content these days.’ Boyega replied, “Ah that’s understandable.”

Boyega also tweeted that he’s been playing Battlefront for years and “what’s weird is killing stormtroopers online before …. Actually killing stormtroopers… 😂😂. And please SW fans there is no spoilers lol you saw Finn thrust a saber through a trooper and shot one in 7!”

Would you like to see an offline story mode in a Star Wars Battlefront sequel?

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