Catlateral Damage Claws Its Way to PS4 on March 22 in North America

A first-person destructive cat simulator where you play as a cat and make messes, Catlateral Damage is releasing in North America on March 22 for PlayStation 4. Regularly priced at $9.99, PlayStation Plus members can grab it for $7.99 at launch.

Developer Chris Chung explained that Catlateral Damage controls similarly to other first-person games, but instead of guns and violence, you use your paws to cause as much destruction as possible in your owner’s house by knocking stuff to the floor. “It’s quite a meditative experience that allows you to better empathize with the felines in your life,” he adds.

All levels in Catlateral Damage are procedurally generated, taking you from your house to a log cabin, mansion, supermarket, and museum.

As for the game modes, you’ll find Objective Mode and Litterbox Mode:

In Objective Mode, each level you play has a time limit and an objective. Your objective is simply to knock the target number of objects onto the floor within the time limit.

In Litterbox Mode, you pick a level type and play for as long as you want! No time limit, no objective, just pure kitty chaos.

In both game modes, you can collect upgrades by playing with various cat toys to improve your movement and swatting abilities. There are also random events that will occur periodically, some of which reward you with power ups and some that are just for fun. My favorite events are moon gravity and disco. They make absolutely no sense.

Asked about a PlayStation Vita version, Chung said, “No, just PS4 at the moment. Sorry!”

A release date wasn’t given for Europe.

[Source: PS Blog]