New The Division Update Out Next Week, Someone Already Reached Max Level & Dark Zone Rank

Details are still TBA, but Ubisoft announced that a new The Division update will go live next week. If it includes some of the recently discussed changes, expect some balancing tweaks in the Dark Zone.

Future updates to The Division in April and May will add incursions, loot trading, and more.

Elsewhere, Digital Foundry compared The Division on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (see above video), saying it runs well on all three platforms:

The Division appears well optimised for both consoles and PC, and on the whole the visual quality is almost identical on all formats, with most technical differences having little to no impact on gameplay. On consoles the PS4 has the edge, with a locked native 1080p resolution and slightly more stable performance. But all told, the experience on Xbox One is still excellent, and the game is a beautiful release across both consoles – Sony’s system just provides added refinement here, but we’d happily play the game on either machine.

Ubisoft also confirmed that Chaos 3SK was the first player to reach the max level (30) and max Dark Zone rank (99), after playing the game for 130 hours. They add, “He started playing 41 seconds after we officially opened the game servers…!”


What level are you at in The Division?

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